You Idiot!

Ohmygaud! He likes me! Well, so does Ryan, but Anna already told me that. He’s a jerk anyway. But Hayden likes me!!

“A’ight, bring it on!”

Hey, wait, what?

I blinked a few times as Hayden slid his arm off me. I was enjoying that, thanks alot Ryan!!

Just then, Ryan made a fist and shot it at Hayden. Hayden was at the disadvantage – he didn’t play any sports or workout, but Ryan plays football.

Hayden fell to the ground, but stood right back up and kicked him in the gut. Ryan bent over in pain, Hayden planting a hard fist upon his back, thrusting him into the ground.

“Ohmygaud Ryan!” I yelled out, rushing to his side. “Why’d you do that Hayden?! You should have backed away, your better than that!!”

Hayden simply stood there, appaled by my reaction. He thought he’d won me. I’d rather have a sensitive wimp than an overly tough jerk!

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