The Chest

His eye sight was starting to fail him. He was unable to recognise the frail frame that was sauntering towards him with a gait very similar to his own.

It had been close to 53 years since he had seen this man. This man was his life and his friend. Diggy or Digambar Mehta, the business tycoon.

Raj could very clearly remember that fateful day when they had discovered the hidden chest next to the Lutyens Bungalow, deep in the bushes; right next to Mrs. Rodrigues’ tombstone.

What a fantastic discovery – and an even more fascinating vow – the three of them had taken after they had relised wht they had gotten themselves into, “We shall open the chest again only and only if one of us is dead.”

Only because they had discovered the magic within it…

It is surprising that 11 year olds could take such a brazen and long lasting vow and keep it going all these years, till Jhumpa or Col. Das, as he was better known passed away 9 days ago…

And so, here they were, the two friends and the three keys…

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