Mr. Brandy, He Lives In A Box

I walked out of french, my head in a whirl. Was it really that easy to fall for a new guy????
Stopping at my locker once again I put my books away and grabbed my gym clothes.

“Girls, this is a football, the football is your friend. Don’t drop your friend.” Instructed Mr. Brandy our Gym/Health teacher.

“Girls, my name is Mr. Brandy, I’m sexist, idiotic, and live in a box.” I mimicked our teacher.

The football was passed into a huddle of girls wearing blue pinneys standing around in the center of the gym. They screamed. Okay so maybe Mr. Brandy did have a point.

“Girls and Boys, I am Miss Grimes, your Science teacher…”

The rest of 4th period was blocked out of my mind, because I spaced out, daydreaming about “Pierre”.

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