Wrong with me?!

“What the hell?” I blurted out.
Now you cursed in front of her! You are the worst!
“You beat him up! Thats what!” Mel snapped.
“He asked for it!”
“So what?! That doesn’t mean you can go beat him down!”
“Hey! He started it! I finished it!”
“You didn’t have to though!”
“If I hadn’t hit back when I did, I would be in a worse state than he is!”
“And that makes it ok to just beat him up like that?!”
“No, it makes it ok to defend myself! Not just beat him up!”
“What is wrong with you?!”
The wind bit sharply at my face, putting an edge on my anger forcing out the truth
“You know what is wrong with me!? Me?! You really want to know?”
I dropped my voice to normal volume, but could still hear me over the breeze.
“It’s because it seems like every other guy better than me is going after you for a relationship when I’m just trying to get you to like me back.”
I paused for my words to cause appropriate shock.
“Thats what’s wrong with me.” I finished

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