Bad Break Up.

“Try to make me understand Nicholas? What have I done that made you, no us come to this?”

“Lynne, you just do not understand I have grown in this relationship and you have not, I can’t base my future on any of this any more.”

“Then I guess there is no chance at giving me a second chance?”

“I want to but its been 10 years and what could possibly happen now that should have happen 7 years ago?”

“Lynn, I am willing to help you with this, but you have got to understand we just cannot be togather anymore.”

“You lyre, you just don’t want to look like the bad peson, you want everyone to think I have issues.”

“Thats not true!!”

Nicholas knew there was no getting her to realize this so he decided to tell her good-bye.

“This is not over, you don’t use me like toilet tissue and wipe your behind with it and then throw it away, I will pay you back for tonight and more!!!....” Nicholas knew she was speaking out of anger or was she.

Why did he wait 10 years to end this realtionship?

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