Silver Bullets, Silver Bells

It felt so real, and so vivid, but at the same time I knew everything was fake. I didn’t feel like me, the Michelle everybody knew. I felt different—like being in a strange body that wasn’t mine. Somebody was watching me as I swung back and forth on the swing in my backyard, I could feel it. The man that observed me, I did not see his face. But as he kicked the gate open he approached me. My instincts dragged me up my front steps. When I turned around, a silver pistol was aimed straight in front of my face. Everything went so fast, like lightning. The man was gone as the speeding bullet ran through me in less than a second. I felt pain, but at the same time nothing and lifeless. I breathed hard hoping that I could save myself. I heard my mother’s soft voice in the background, as everything around me blurred and faded away.
“Michelle wake up. Breakfast is ready.” She said soothing.
My eyes slowly opened feeling an ache in my head and chest.
“Just a dream…” I whispered to myself

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