I Don't Believe Them

Have you ever wondered what happens when people disappear? I have. Only because my best friend Summer , has in fact, disappeard herself.

Summer would have been able to fight off anyone that tried to hurt her. I know she would have. Yet she’s still gone. Everyone assumes she’s dead. I don’t believe them. I believe she is out there somewhere. I know she is. I would like to believe everyone saying she’s dead, but I can’t. It would be an eaiser explanation than what I do believe.

I believe Summer isn’t human. If I were to tell anyone that, I would end up in a mental hospital. I know I would, but, I do have reason behind my insanity. I am still in touch with her.

It sounds crazy. If anyone else were to tell me the same thing a month ago, I would have thought they were crazy, but not now. I have one of the letter’s from her sitting right here.

“Dear Faith,
Hopefully getting a letter from me isn’t creeping you out. What am I saying, of course it is! I had to tell someone, and your my best friend…”

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