A sequel to An Uncommonly Bad Day

“Hurry!” said a breathless voice.


“Hurry!” the voice said again. I heard bells in the background. Train? Church?

“Hurry?” I scratched my head. “Why hurry?”

“It’s in the bag! Go get the bag!” said the voice. More breathing. “Go get it!”

“Bag? Where? Rich, is this you? Cut it out!” I hoped it was my brother. But the desperation was too real

“Look, man. It’s almost too late. The bag’s the thing. You get the bag, you can stop it.” The voice suddenly started sobbbing. I heard the bells again. Clanging. Definitely not church bells.

“What bag? Where is this bag?” I asked, grabbing my head, the headache worsening.

“It’s – ” the voice began and stopped. Then another sound in the background. Loud, machine noise. Like and engine. “Oh, I can’t run anymore.” I heard relief in the voice.

“Why can’t you get the bag? You stop it!”

“Cuz they’re inside me now.” I heard the engine noise get too loud and a sound of meat hitting metal. Then the lonely sound of a train heading away.

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