long summers

Slowly she walked into her new school, knowing very few people there. Instantly her best friend Brandie who she hadn’t seen all summer ran over and next thing you know she was wrapped in the biggest hug she had in so long…. she needed it though.
“Oh my gosh i missed you so much! But i think there might be someone who missed you more”
Completely confused she walked over to thier table in the huge cafeteria wondering who she would find. Within a matter of seconds another set of hands was wrapped around her waist and smooth lips pressed against hers.
“I missed you.” it was Tony her boyfriend who she also had not seen all summer.
” I missed you too” she wispered.
” Hailey!” Brandie was calling her back over to the table. He grabbed her hand and slowly they walked to the table having no idea what was coming.

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