I'd give up my unhealthy obsession for you <3 [a post-it ficlet challenge]

“ARGH!” Damion cried out in anger as he received another paper-cut from the unforgiving post-its. He narrowed his eyes at the neon colored paper that covered his apartment. They were everywhere, covering the walls, the furniture, the counter tops, the cat’s food dish… Some could say it was an unhealthy obsession for Damion to have, but the mentally unstable man could have cared less. He simply preferred coloring his house with neon post-its rather than spending money on paint for the house. He had been trying to remove all the post-its in his house for hours now and was barely done with half the living room. Damion sighed, running a hand through his hair when a knock came from his front door. He opened up to see Scarlet Montgomery standing there. This was the woman who would not go out with him because of his apartment
“Listen,” Damion pleaded. “I’d give up my unhealthy obsession for just one night with you; i can change.” Scarlet smiled and leaned up to give Damion a kiss that would be remembered forever.

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