You move toward a light that shifts against the sky like a ball of lava, radiating colors you’ve never before seen – oranges, reds, whites, and greens – shades clear and pure, yet complex – as if painted on the night sky with a giant brush.

And then you’re standing in a shallow stream – colors and sites not of earth – vivid, strong, expressive, inspiring. You look up to see a mare and her colt canter by, flipping up their hind legs as sparkling bubbles drift from the disturbed water. They float into the sky until forming flocks of doves, gliding in the air and then diving back into the stream to repeat the process.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, you fall to your knees, take a breath, and look me in the eyes with outstretched arms. “What is this place?” you ask.

“It is the essence of faith.” I respond. “A place far away from the terrible madness of earth. Faith is the most important thing in the world, you know. I’m here to help you find the way.”

You rise to your feet as the mare approaches you.

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