Block Scheduling

“Okay, now you are off to lunch, I will see you tomorrow.” Said Miss Grimes as she dismissed us.

I walked to my locker and got my lunch, but didn’t leave right away. I stood around hoping to catch a glimpse of him. I knew that he was in a different team, and that East had a different schedule then North, but there was still a chance of seeing him. You see South and West have normal schedules in 8th grade, but North and East have block, but since block is new to North this year, we don’t start block scheduling until next week. Unlike East who started today. Realizing this, I figured I wouldn’t get to see him, at least not today. I headed down the stairs to the cafeteria.

I ate my lunch and bought the delicious ice cream our school is so famous for. And then lunch was over.

As we walked out of the cafeteria, East entered, looking around for him, I didn’t look where I was going. So I ran into some kid.

“Oh sorry.” I said and looked around to see who I ran into.

“That’s okay.” Said Pierre.

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