lost at sea - Teen Angst Poetry

ecstacy in motion
my mind rides the ocean
my thoughts upon the waves
bound for distant caves
The voyage is long and peaceful
The stars comfort me at night
my eyes are two blue sails
That the wind speaks to me through
my breath calm and shallow
spreads ripples through the sea
the sea the sea the sea the sea the sea the sea
something flashes above
a shooting star…or a dove
tranquil overcomes me
and a chill runs up my spine
i look up
and my mind goes to the sky
looking down at my wondering, wavering eye
my mind wanders while my thoughts stay
and both might explore forever
for infinity is a long beautiful way
but the maw of the cave up ahead is calling
it won’t wait any longer
and as my thoughts throw the anchor
to leave the sea for the caves
my mind falls from the sky
slowly seeing, tearing ecstacy, leaving the waves

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