Clover High: The Boiler Room

That was the sound of the cafeteria windows shattering. Students fled screaming in all directions. Snap apparently had a destination in mind because he dragged me downstairs through the freshman hallway.
“Where are we going?!” I demanded.
“The boiler room!” Snap said, skiddding to a stop at a closed door. He pounded on it and started to yell.
The door opened and the school janitor Frederick ushered us inside.
It was hot down there and I was begining to freak out. My friends were out there!
“Snap, we have to find Callie, Dylan and Michelle!” I cried.
“What?” Snap looked shocked.
“Their still out there!!” I pride myself in being strong under pressure but I was on the verge of hysteria.
Snap seemed like he was about to say no, but then something in his face changed. “Wait here.”
He dashed out the boiler room and down the hallway. Frederick slammed the door behind him, it looked like steel six inches at least.
The whole school was trembling I could hear things falling upstairs.
Oh, Snap…

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