Dumb Jocks

What am I suppose to do in study hall on the first day of school???

I took my planner and gossip girl book out of my locker, along with “The Burn Notebook.”

Since I was the oldest out of Rachel, Val, Lindsay, and I, I got to have it on the first day of school.

Alright now don’t start thinking that we talked trash about people in this book. Actually I really don’t know why we call it the burn notebook, when we basically just write about anything interesting that happens.

Since there was no homework to be done I started scribbling in the notebook all about “Pierre” and how perfect he was.

“Ouch that hurts.” Said Patrick who sat diagonal of me during study hall.
Vince laughed.
“You’re an idiot, it doesn’t even hurt that bad.” Vince the boy next to me said as he rubbed his pen back and forth across his paper until it was hot enough, and then pressed it against his skin.
“Owww” Said Vince.
I added more to the notebook.
“I sit next to two dumb jocks, 5th period should be interesting.”

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