Shopping=sweaty people in need of anti-perspirent{OTOC black friday challenge}

I stood there tapping my foot to the Boys Like Girls song Five Minutes To Midnight, I’ve been standing in this line since the beginning of time. And I still was right next to the shirt that I told myself I couldn’t afford, three hours ago! The mall was so crowded, I was afraid there was going to be nothing left by the end of the day, especially in this particular Hot Topic store. Right in front of me was a girl with a green mohawk, behind me a Pete Wentz look alike(with less tatoos).

An hour later, glad I don’t have to look at that stupid shirt again, I am now the next in line. When suddenly the alarm goes of great.

“Next!” the cashier yells, struggling to be heard over the crowd. I walk up nearly dropping the hoodie and MCR t-shirt on the dirty counter. “Would you like to buy our. . .” I put up my hand to silence him. ” I just wanna get outta here!”. Crowds don’t usually bother me, but I have to say, some of these people could really use some deodorent. PU!

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