Resignation (Guardians, Ep. 5)

I stepped back from the edge and willed myself to calm. My body reshaped to “normal,” that state I used to inhabit by nature and freedom of chance. I took a moment to regulate my mind, floating within. Centering.

When I stepped back to the edge, my own face still greeted me. This was not good. The oracle was supposed to inform of dangers, not fears – unless the fear and the danger were interlinked, tied together through through quantum uncertainty – the “chains of chance.”

There was no real choice. I made sure I was as inoffensive as possible, steeled myself, and stepped back ten paces. I looked up. The sky was still overcast. Clouds laden with rain, waiting their chance to water the world again. I hoped I’d be back to see it when it happened.

Turning to the cliff, I sprinted to the edge, and lept.

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