Bus Ride gone Wrong

Here she was, paper balls being thrown at her. Yet Sierra was at peace. She stood there on the bus, and closed her eyes. Paper-balls still being thrown, she walked to the back. She had just spoken to her guidence counseler, Ms. Smith. She told her to close her eyes whenever someone got her mad. And it worked. She had acheived inner peace. Until someone yelled “TREE!”, and she felt a sudden swirve in movement. The bus had hit a tree, and many students were injured. She looked at her one and only friend, Karen. But she was either in a coma, or—- dead. She screamed, but no one heard her. All of the consious ones were screaming, they had no hope left. She went around, comforting everyone. But no one cared. She hated them all, but she had to help. The last thing they did was pelt her, and she felt rage swelling inside her. She closed her eyes, and dialed 911 on one of there cell phones…

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