Not so Giving {OTOC Challange}

Funny the Christmas season is suppose to be filled with love, joy and giving.
Well that’s not how I remember it; last year I was standing in “Best Buy” filled to the max with people, “you could hardly breath let alone reach for something”.
My daughter wanted a portable cd player.
Not just any cd player, it had to be a certain cd player.
Well I didn’t have a probelm there were two left on the shelf, so I picked one up.
Before I could turn an be on my way two ladies reached for the one that was left, they both had a hand on it, their eye’s met they both stared hard at each other.
The first woman pulled it form the second woman’s hand, in turn the second woman in the fur jacket “who looked like she should be in Neiman Marcus” took it from her, snubbing her, she turned and left.
The woman just stood there rubbing her forehead, she looked like she had just been through hell and back.
I looked down at the cd player in my hand, then looked at her, I smile handed it to her and walked away.

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