It was only a tiny aberration in reality, but the implications were huge. The sun’s mass was much greater in this time period than the chronocharts had indicated and the resulting change in gravity was throwing us way off course. I was correcting for the change, of course, but something was very wrong. If the instruments were off we would likely crash into some Kuiper belt object. If the sun really was that much denser, then perhaps we were in a different time than we had anticipated.

I needed to consult the Oracle.

The engine that drove this ship was a small blue haired teenage girl. Her quarters were near the aft of the ship, and no one except the crew were allowed to get within a hundred feet of her. The incredible force behind her powers would give you an intense headache, vomiting, and finally loss of consciousness without proper equipment to protect you from her proximity.

Her name was Kayla. I hoped she could shed some light on this problem, because I was quickly running out of ideas.

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