Do you see the tears falling, do you even care? Why do you hurt me so bad, then just stare. You say that you love me , shit.. I don’t feel the love, you say that everything you do to me is to help, damn dis nigga is really twisted. Do you really think in yo right mind that talkin down on me, attacking me , and holding me hostage is helpin me? I know I’m not what I should be, but I’m trying Im really trying . I’m trying to do better , and show you I can be something. But everytime I do something its never good enough for you, when I fuck up with something , something that is so minor, you take that oppurtunity to yell , to curse , to scream , to shout, to pout , to threaten my life , and threaten my future!!! DO YOU SEE do you fuckin see the damage you have done to my heart vs my body then you wanna say everything that happens is my fault. And I hear you say ; “Im sorry I pushed you into having ‘her’ I kno you didn’t really want no kids” HOW IN THE HELL is that supposed to make me feel damnit? lyke i say ,

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