Tim's First Job, How Shpecial.

“Okay, I guess your free to go.” the agent says to me after checking my card in some strange machine.

“Great. Wonderful. Can you give me a lift back to Rachel’s house?!” I snap, still furious with them for interrupting my slumber.

“I don’t think we’re qualified to do that..”

“Do it anyway! You dragged me out of my friends house, while I was sleeping none-the-less, and accused me of something that I was clear of charge. The very least you could do is give me a ride.”

The men looked at each other.

“I guess it would be alright, but Tim, be sure to use your car so Mr. Bigman doesn’t see that we’re doing this. Got it?” the head officer commanded to so called ‘Tim’.

“Alright.” Tim said, keeping a straight face for all about two minutes until we got to the parking lot. Then he was grinning as if he had just gotten a promotion.

“This is my first job, I just got approved!” he exclaimed once we were on the road.

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