Well, Too Bad.

“So how bout I pick you up Sunday, we can go to the movies then we can head down to Pizza Hut afterwards. I hear they put cheese in the crust now..”

I laughed. “Sure, sounds great.” I replied, purposely blowing off the plans I had to go over to Chad’s house and watch the Eagles, his favorite football team, play against the Dolphins.

“Okay. See you then.” I could tell he was holding in his excitement till that everlasting moment where he would be pushing the End button, and he could explode anonymously.

“See ya.” I snapped my phone shut, just to have it vibrate to no end.

I had 12 text messages from Chad.

Yeah, so I guess I’ll just tell you Sunday.

Wait, your still coming right?


Oh yes, and my favorites:

Aw man, Byrn is texting me, help!!

She’s calling me! what should i do?

Oh yeah? Well too bad for you, buddy ol’ pal. I want nothing to do with it.

I happily erased every message I had from him and turned my cell phone off.

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