The Signs That Told

“Lisa, I’m telling you, that was all just a coincidence.”

“No Brian, it wasn’t!”

“Lisa, chill out. That stuff is behind us now. We’ll be fine.”

“Brian, it happened! You know it, too, you saw it!” she insisted, a tear forming in her eye. “That could’ve been us!”

“Some teen drew cars crashing at the intersection on the yield sign, and it just happened that the lady in front of us crashed into some car. These things happen.”

“Sure, I know that, but what about the ‘Watch For Children’ sign?! There was a dead kid drawn there, and we haven’t seen a house in miles, Brian. Explain that.”

“We drove the kid to the hospital! He shouldn’t have been out here in the streets in the middle of nowhere!”

“It doesn’t matter. Something’s wrong here, and we’re getting out.”

It was then that the couple noticed the the Crossing sign with the hula hoop.

“Oh fine! We’ll leave!” Brian gave in, slamming on the brakes.

But just as he did, a lone hula hoop rolled inches in front of the still car.

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