Crash Course

The sting from the slap was so unexpected that Eric stopped screaming and stared. “Wh-What… What was that?”

“That, my friend,” his mysterious saviour said, “was a banshee.


“Shut up. Good thing I was able to get you out of there before she started wailing, or we wouldn’t be having this little talk.” He looked thoughtful. “Well, we would, just not in this world.”

“No.” Eric shook his head vigorously. “No, banshees aren’t real. They’re make-believe.”

“Okay, look, she’s still coming (those girls are relentless), so here’s the crash course.” He spoke rapidly. “Banshees are real. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, they’re all real. The monster under your bed when you were 5? Real. His name’s Ted. He like ballet and Fruit Loops.”

“I don’t… Wait. Ted?”

“Yeah. We call him Teddy Bear, just not to his faces.”

“So, you saved me. Would that make you, what, an angel?”

“Uh… Well… Right concept, wrong direction. But don’t worry. A lot of our rep is just bad press. You’re an actor. You know how it is.”

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