She Needs You... (Her Voice Pt. 3)

You reach for the gun. In a flash, a blur of images, she shows you what you need to do. Bodies. Screams. FearBloodPainTerrorDeath! Too much! Too fast! Your mind screams while your body remains still, eyes fixed on the gun.

Then silence.

Her commanding voice tells you, Run! Hide! She’s coming! You look around. As if time stands still, you see everything in sharp relief. Nothing moves. Nothing. No one. Except her.

She walks toward you, stepping around people who show no recognition she’s there. Fear and peace battle in your head. Somehow, peace wins out.

Have no fear, human. The words echo through your mind, though her mouth does not move. I am here to take her home. No more will she trouble your kind.

NoNoNoNoNoNo! the voice screams frantically. Do not let her take me! Run! Run! she pleads, her voice shrill, like a little girl screaming for her mother. Please don’t let her!

Don’t let her take me.

I’m afraid.

You pick up the gun

She needs you…

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