The Proposition {Part 3}

“Trade? What could I have that you would want?” Simon asked.

Lilith smiled. “You don’t have it, exactly, but you are the only one who can get it. I can realign the stars and send Cthulhu back to his dreaming death. I can call off my ravenous children. I can even return your lover to you, whole and unharmed. I ask only one thing, Magus: return my lover to me.”

“You lost me,” Simon said.

“Five years ago, you and your tattooed friend helped facilitate the treachery of the one known as Metatron. With your help, however indirectly, my lover’s plans were thwarted and he was imprisoned in a true Hell, cut off entirely from the rest of Creation. The Creation that he molded, that should be his by right!”

Simon shrugged. “What you talkin’ ‘bout, Lilith?”

Lilith raged. “You stupid little speck! Lucifer! My lover, my heart! Lucifer, called Samael, called Satan, the First Star of the Morning, the First of the Fallen, the Demiurge! You will travel the Supernal Road and return him to me, or this world will burn!”

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