Destination, Unknown (Guardians, Ep. 6)

The wind pulled at my hair, cheeks and clothes as I fell.

From here the cliff was almost 2000 feet to the sea below. The fall would kill me, if I didn’t gauge it right.

Using my body, arms and legs I managed a rough kind of movement, sliding through the increasingly billowing wind.

Only a few seconds, that’s all the fall took, yet it stretched to an eternity that threatened to numb my mind.

I shook my head, breaking those negative thoughts.


More to the left, to the left.


It felt like my limbs were pulled from their sockets as I forced my glide sideways, aiming for the glowing blue maw below me. A swirling, bilious mix of churning cloud.

I closed my eyes.

The sudden chill told me I’d entered the portal. Ice and frost formed on my body like frozen teeth, jagged points thrusting behind me like dinosaur scales. Heavy, cold, lethal.

A blessing. Soon I’d need those crystal blades.

As soon as the blue of the portal is done, and the passage fades to red.

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