Hot Dogs

The giddy maid danced around her employer’s house as she worked. She was given free reign of the house for most of the day, so she always had a TV, radio, or or CD player playing in every room of the huge mansion.

It was 9 am, at this time of morning, she was cleaning “Living Room #3” in which the lord of the house kept his knickknacks and baubles.

She noticed his latest acquisition, a strange silver lamp. She smiled at it, it reminded her of her childhood, watching Disney’s Aladdin. She dusted it carefully, as she did all the lord’s trinkets. Then she turned and looked at the television as her favorite advertisement came on.

The maid began to sing along. “OH, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener….”

An hour later, mobsters looking for the head of the household kidnapped her. Two hours later, she was dead.

Two weeks later, little Johnny bit into his hot dog and then turned to his mother.
“Mommy, my hot dog tastes funny, can I have a different one?”

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