Little Johnny

Years later, the little boy who had eaten the funny-tasting hot dog at his mother’s insistence, grew up to attend a prestigious college somewhere in the Northeast.

Little Johnny was now Big John, and aspired to be the captain of the wrestling team at said prestigious university. He was studying anthropology, and it was finally the long-awaited “World Cultures Day.” Which had all the things a college kid looks for in a great event: Food, music, food, free stuff, and food.

There were dishes from all over the planet, from apple fritters to iab, from popcorn to chocolate covered ants. Big John tried them all. He loved food, just like most guys his size, so he tried everything.

He even went to the table set up by the crazy guy who lived one floor down from him in the dorms. He had brought HuFu, and the selling point of his booth was: “Taste what it’s like to be a cannibal.”

Big John nibbled the human tofu, and promptly had an epiphany.

Humans do NOT taste like chicken.

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