Big John (a poem)

Big John was a simple man…
He led a simple life,
and he had
a simple wife.

Until one night,
they had a fight,
and out of his wife
he took a bite.

And he realized
after all these years
that consuming another human
should not be one of his fears

He liked her taste,
He knew it well
Since that hot dog years ago
that smelled so swell

He didn’t know it
till that day at college
but once he ate his wife
he had that knowledge

He wouldn’t admit it
though the cops did ask
He said she’d run off
On the back of her ass

The truth was though,
that he’d eaten that part.
He ate it second,
right after her heart.

And he savored each mouthful
of his lovely wife.
Yes, he loved her in death,
as he had loved her in life.

From that day hence,
Big John refused meat
In public, at least,
but in private, that human flesh just tasted so sweet.

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