Simon Chooses His Own Side

“Simon, look at me. You can’t,” Blake said, and that was all it took to convince him.

“Alright, you smegging bitch,” Simon said, standing and fixing his eyes on Lilith. “I’ll hit the Supernal Road and free your lover, but I want half up front.”

No, Angela called from the anchorage. Don’t…

Angela’s body collapsed but Simon caught her. He blew into her lips and she stirred. He watched her fluttering eyelids, then turned to Agent West and said, “We understand each other.”

“Yes,” Lilith said, “I think we do.”

“Simon, no!” Blake shouted, struggling to his feet.

“And when have you been right about anything?” Simon yelled back. “You brought this on, calling in the Horsemen and Azrael! And when you ‘died’, do you know what I did? Except you weren’t dead, it was just one of your frakkin’ ‘brilliant’ ideas. And that—” Simon tossed his head at Van Helsing. “What was that supposed to do?”

Angela stirred in his arms. “Babe, no,” she whispered.

Simon winked at her and said, “You ready to ride, babe?”

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