Eye Contact

“How many guys in here no my daughter?”
Asked Mr. Pinney at the beginning of 6th period math.
About 3/4 of the boys in the class raised their hands.
“Okay, you may not talk to her.” He said with a straight face.
“How many girls in here know my daughter?”
The majority of the girls raised their hands.
“Okay, you may talk to her”
Everyone broke out into laughs. I wondered right then if it’s weird for Ali to have her dad teach at her school, to teach in her grade. But Mr. Pinney seemed like a funny guy.

Mr. Pinney passed out some papers about rules and acceptations in his class and began reading over them.

Normally I would have paid attention to the teacher as he talked, but I was a bit distracted noticing that East had just gotten let out of class and were walking down the hallway past our door.

And just when I had given up hope of sighting him, I saw a golden brown haired boy known in french class as Pierre, walk past the door, making direct, intense, eye contact, with… me???

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