Birds long for the sun (part 2)

I swan dive in; the air is thin
as the cold envelops me.
The waves enjoy their broken toy
where I cannot freely breath

as I stare, my smile fades, unseeing, blind in waves; but
you gently fly, on clouds you lie
waiting face in false charades.

And I know, I know that I’m blinded from your raucous rays
“Please, please, just receive me this timeâ€?

Your shine is stained invisibly
from tainted light called fate.
You don’t liberate, your power’s true.
I try, and strive: resist for you.

To the flippant, mocking sky:
renounce your earthly ties.

“please, please, accept me this one timeâ€?

Can I wish back to the tallest spire
and perch for you to admire?
I can no longer pursue this surreal ruse.
The waves cannot slake their desire.

Yet I fly, I fly, to the place that you require
“please, please, don’t give up on me this timeâ€?

My frozen smile reveals a fear
and my eyes are crystal clear.
As your smile fades, your debts repaid.
Yes, you silently obey.

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