Hand in hand with a savior

A chestnut colored mare, her eyes a bravura shade of deep blue. She slowly approaches you with a look of calm and determination set in her poised face. The gurgling stream you stand in slows, and then stops, as the gentle breeze playing about your surreal surroundings comes to a standstill. Everything is still.

A warm humming sounds in your mind, the mare stares intently into your spellbound eyes. What do you see? You answer the humming of the mare with no second thought: “I see…beauty.â€? You now see the essence of faith. she replies.

Before anything more can be said, the mare canters away and motion resumes around you.“You are starting to really see what’s around you. But come this way, there’s one more thing to learn.â€? I say as I gently lead you away by the hand.

The intense, sweeping colors swirl about and above your head while you move through the landscape. Translucent wings of silvery grace play along the path you take, hand in hand with a savior.

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