The Compound

I had organized it all based on my vision. I coordinated all who built it and collaborated on the design to make it exactly like I had seen in my dreams. It housed all kinds of people who had escaped. Like me.

Those that came brought skills and talents, which I put to good use inside the compound. The teachers taught, carpenters built, and technicians programmed and tested all technological equipment.

The row boat followed the stream out of a small exit overhung with vines. We squinted in the bright sunlight. It was beginning to sink behind the tops of the trees. I directed the rowers to follow a smaller stream branching west. Soon we drifted to a dock and disembarked, hiding the boat in some brush. I led them up a tiny path into the woods.

After a trek up hills and down into ravines, across streams, and around rocky faces we made it to the compound.

Like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie I applied my palm to a scanner disguised as a rock wall. A concealed door swung open revealing a dimly lit tunnel

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