Love's Denile

What can I say?
I love you, I hate you.
I need you, I want you.
Could I be forever and ever?
Or Always and never?
Save me, trust me,
Love me, hate me.
I should, I shouldn’t.
Should I listen, Should I shout?
Should I tell you what I’m about?
All I think is all I know.
I’ll never know, I’ll never tell, I’ll never be;
Those things I shall not fail to see.
Winters chill upon the earth,
Warm summers is what is yearned.
Tell me, Tell me
Could it be?
Y-O-U and me?
Unconditional love for all.
Life and death is despised,
no matter, its not understood.
Jealousy, is there anything worst?
What is it’s source?
The hearts desire is my destruction.
What does she want?
What does he want?
Am I ever asked?
Deadly love, a poisoned kiss?
When am I to be won?
I may break.
I may hate.
You’ll never be here to say forever.
You’ll never be here to say you care.
You’ll never be here to say I love you.
You’ll never be here to say it’s alright.
You’ll never be here to say Good Night.

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