The Dungeon of My Discontent (Shocking Dialogue)

“What are you doing? Going out there would be akin to suicide!â€?

“Yes, I know! But really I don’t see any other way! I mean, we’re low on supplies, and unless we find an antidote for the poison, Jeph is going to die! We can’t just sit here and do nothing!â€?

“Well, what kind of weapons do we have?

“Against an army of undead, brought to life by an evil necromancer? I’d say that we’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle.â€?

“But there has to be a way! There’s always a way!â€?

“You’re deluding yourself into thinking that this life is fair! How about the time where Harlowe was trapped in the catacombs with a gelatinous cube and the exits were sealed off? I can still hear his whimpering!â€?

“I always suspected foul play there! But there is an option! I’m going outside. I’ll use my Bane of Lazarus to take out the army!â€?

“Hm. You rolled a nine, and you needed at least a twelve for that ploy. Pity. Looks like you were mauled by the ravenous reanimated corpses outside the cave.â€?

“Saving throw?â€?

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