Personal Learning Challenge

I trudged into Social Studies. I don’t really have anything against the subject, it just isn’t my favorite.
I took a seat next to Rachel as she begged to see what I had written in the notebook so far.

“Wait until your day!!” I teased.

Mr. Mortland walked into the room and closed the door. He is a much younger and better looking teacher then most. And after he started talking I could tell he was a funny teacher too, and that maybe Social Studies wouldn’t be so bad.

And now finally to homeroom, 8th period.

Language Arts, the only class that I am in an advance level, “PLC” Personal Learning Challenge.

Mrs. Kozel walks in, she seems like an okay teacher accept for the fact that she treats us like kindergartners, with the whole “raise your hand when the teacher does to get quiet method.”

I looked around the room, taking in the people in my homeroom,
I’d say that it was a pretty interesting mix…

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