Dream a little dream

Every night it as the same dream. She was floating. A wicked sea thrashed below her as if trying to grab onto her and suck her into its icy depths. But she was safe above it and unafraid of the violent waters.

She heard a muffled voice calling to her and suddenly her body dropped.

“Hey – hey sweetie – wake up.”

Her eyes popped open and she gasped as she put her arms out to break the fall. But she didn’t hit the water. It was just the dream.

“Floating again honey?” Jon asked, cradling her in his arms.

“Yes.” she answered, her voice soft and shaky.

“Why do you wake up scared? You told me that you weren’t afraid in the dream.”

“I’m not, but just before I wake up, I stop floating and I’m falling. I’m terrified of that water once I realize I’m heading straight for it.”

He kissed her forehead. “Well I wouldn’t worry too much about it hon. It’s just a dream.”

“Yeah. Just a dream.” she said, mostly to appease him, but deep down, something felt wrong. A rumbling feeling of panic slowly began to take root.

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