Sven knew this day would come.

He’d been in the game too long to realise that a meeting like the one scheduled for today would certainly mean his demise.

However, he had other plans.

As he walked through the smoky club, he passed unfazed through the army of freaks contorting themselves to the hellish assault of noise unleashed by the DJ.

He made his way to the bar and located the door he had been told to use. The bouncer stood to one side and let him pass without question. This was not good at all.

As he reached the top of the stairs he was greeted by a tough looking yakuza soldier. His boss was waiting in the office at the far end of the corridor, surrounded by his most feared heavies.

The conversation was brief. It only took a few minutes for Nakanishi-san, a shrewd and well-respected crime boss, to deduce that Sven’s loyalties were divided.

Judgement was passed; the traitor must die.

Every gun in the room was unloaded at Sven, who promptly vanished from sight. Invisible. Invincible.

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