My Classmates

So of course I don’t have the kind of time to go into detail about all the different people in all my different classes, but I think I can spare some time for my homeroom.

Rachel is in my homeroom. This was a good thing on the first day of school because I am always worrying about not knowing anybody.

We also have Jessie CK, everybody calls her CK, but I just call her Jessie.

And then we have Connor, and to think on the first day of school I had no idea what kind of character he would end up being.

There’s Rafael, the guy who no matter how annoying he is, you kind of have to love him in a weird brotherly way.

Sitting two seats in front of me is Bryce. He was one of my “childhood friends”, back when boys and girls still hung out. And I use to live across the street from him and go over his house just like any other buddy.

And next to him is Kyle, cute in his own way, and insanely funny.

And so many more… but not quite as important.

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