Jessica Patiently Observes the End of the World

Over the past week Mom had gotten really freaked out over everything on the news, but Jessica was more inclined to believe Ms. Dawes, who said that none of her class should worry about it.

So, the night before it was supposed to happen, Mom had gone out, saying that it was the last chance she’d ever get. This time she had actually invited her daughter to come along, but Jessica had declined, staying home to finish her math instead.

The next morning, Jessica heard two sets of snores issuing from her mother’s bedroom door as she walked past it. She knew not to look inside. When she was ready for school, she went outside, snapped on her bike helmet, and pedaled down the street.

She had to pass Missy White’s house on the way. Missy looked out the door and screeched,

“It’s Messy-Jessy! Are you actually going to school?”

“Yes.” Said Jessica.

“You’re weird.”

“No. It’s not going to happen, and even if it does things won’t -“

She looked at Missy. “Well, we’re here. Now who’s weird?”

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