You come to me with broken wings
You no longer here the angels sing
Entangled webs the life you’ve led
Hopes and dreams once filled your head
Sadly gone they’ve been devoured
Death is close, your darkest hour
You’ve come to me you seek the power
I’ll be your muse for this last hour

I make you think, I let you choose
In the end my dearest friend
It is, it’s you that pay’s the due

I’ve been beside you all along
I gave you strength I made you strong
I’ll help you mend your broken wings
Come with me child to the empyrean
Delivered from this the devil’s den

I give you vision of empyreal
The purest light it does fulfill
I give you couage to take your flight
The angel’s rejoice you, a precious sight
A sense of purpose yourself belongs
Your time has come to right your wrongs
You’ve entered in this Promised Land
Come with me child take my hand

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