The Taste of Midnight

Human lips, fingers, legs.
Everything else was wolf.

Charlie remembered how humans’ bodies were so awkward; how there were gaps and curves that Fire didn’t seem to fill. She would just burn him. Lit fire to unimaginable places. Charlie often found blisters along his pale, china-like human skin, not knowing where they had come from.

But here, now, pieced together with this woman with the beautiful voice and even more angelic face, nothing was awkward.

She fit, and Charlie fit. Human. Wolf. Whatever.

She tucked her heart-shaped face in the hollow of his neck. Her fingers were tangled and twisted in his. Her long hair smelled wonderful to him, and he dared to lick it. The midnight colored strands tasted just like that- midnight. Dark chocolate. A hidden moon. Dancing tornadoes.

He felt something begin to carve a light of pain in his broad back. He let out a howl of pain and another stab came at him. This one from his neck.

The woman, Charlie panicked. His canine instincts…

What was she?

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