Blue Eyes

I looked into Fred’s eyes. I could never forget how blue they were. They were like a raging ocean during a storm when he was mad. And when he was happy his eyes would turn to a crystal blue. I had always wondered what his eyes would look like if he cried, and now I knew. They were the same crystal when he was happy, but you could still see the storm raging behind his pupils.
I sighed and wiped the tear as it rolled silently down his cheek.
“I saw her cheating on me. How could she? I loved her” his voice cracked as he competed against his feelings. Fred was my best friend. He had been going out with Sally for two years. In those two years I had seen her cheat on him with five different guys. I tried to tell Fred, but he would never listen. He would just push me away.
“This is probably a bad time-”
“Yeah, you were right. I should of believed you.” Fred leaned over and gave me a hug. A warm feeling filled my heart.
“Your the best friend ever.” it ruined the moment.

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