Take Care Of Her

Angela’s house hadn’t looked so big on theoutside but it was huge on the inside, I realized as we walked through the halls. She introduced us to her father and I noticed the look she shot Anna.
I’m not as clueless as they think I am.
“Angela, get these poor children some new clothes! Their soaking wet and shivering!”
“Yes, Father.” she nodded and gave Anna another look. “Come along, Anna.”
Angela’s father looked at me with piercing blue eyes. It was a very unnerving expierience.
“Take good care of Anya, James.”
“I will.”
The rest of the day was prettty much a blur, but a nice one. That night I lay in bed thinking of what Angela’s father had said to me.
“Take care of her…”
What did he mean? Does he think something is going to happen to Anna?

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