Funny how the best laid plans go there in a hand-basket to the easiest things. I didn’t think that she would make that move. It’s like when I play chess, I’ll plan for everything that I would do, not what they would do, based on how they think. MarĂ­, is a judgmental, and thinks that it is her place to deliver it. Like she’s got the right to throw the stone, I thought sarcastically. Now, how am I going to save face? That girl is very pissed, to say the least. No lie or truth or accomplishment or personality trait will save me. I just gotta move on and avoid her. A couple of days later, I find myself thinking, why and how this started. Why do I have to go through this crap now? What the hell man?! This is some kind of sitcom-like joke, except no one’s laughing until years later. Why did MarĂ­ and her tell everybody? Fine, you up there, you win. The Man Upstairs: +1. Me: -1. Or five if you count my closest friends as one per. I’ve been thinking about making new friends anyway. Assholes.

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