To The End

Her body lay in a closed casket, of course. There was simply no way to do a real viewing, but her sister had demanded that there be a few hours set aside for people to approach the coffin. And do what, the husk formerly known as Sarina Naumov would undoubtedly have asked. Talk to it? It’s an inanimate object, as is the body inside. It can’t possibly respond. But her sister was stubborn.

But there was another reason that leaving the casket out was sort of ridiculous. The sad truth was that it was questionable whether there’d be any visitors at all. The way Sarina had died had seen to that. There was little sympathy for her. Few would admit that they had even known her – even fewer would admit that they would miss her.

But there were some that showed in the end. Three, in fact. Three people that felt they still owed Sarina some kind of debt. Three people that were not ready to wipe her catastrophic existence from their hearts and minds.


Jason. Callie. Ulysses.

This is really their story.

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