Best Buy+Black Friday=NOT GOOD{OTOC Challenge}

I step into the Best Buy cautiously. I dont even know why Im here. Guys do some crazy stuff for their girlfriends. Great. I just had to decide to get the cd on Black Friday. I knew this wasnt going to turn out well. I look around and I see a complete warzone. Employees are mobbed like Jessica Alba at a boys highschool. Women fight visciously over computers and other arcane technichal objects. Near me, a cashier fights for her life with one of those lazer things against a trio of disgruntled shoppers. I duck quickly as a roll of used coupons flys through the air. I carefully run through the store, trying to stay out of the many fights and riots. As I run down 1 row of cds, I see a gangsta gettin chased by 4 frantic women. His oversized pants fall down and he trips, his flatbrim goes flying as the women fall on him. Poor Guy. I see the cd that I came for, I also see another Mom start towards it. Aww Hell no. I didnt go through Hell for nothing. I lunge for the cd.

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